Your Volksbank Alzey-Worms eG

Have you noticed the ‘eG’ in our bank name? We are what in German is known as an ‘eingetragene Genossenschaft’ or registered cooperative. “What one on its own cannot manage, many together can achieve”. That is our principle. The members of a cooperative join forces, because together, they can more easily reach a shared commercial objective.

As a cooperative bank, we are legally and commercially independent. Our proximity to people and the market ensure that we are closely tied to the region. We are able to respond rapidly and flexibly to new situations locally because we understand and can assess the market. Why not exploit our regional expertise for your own benefit? Our aim is to support our customers and members commercially.

As an independent, medium size organisation, we ourselves need to think and act in a business-like way – just like the corporate customers we look after. From this view of ourselves, we encourage SMEs to develop their strength and independence. We are experts in providing tailored advice to small and medium size businesses.

We offer our private clients a broad range of banking services, such as account management, payments, loans and deposits as well as asset investment and pension advice.

We are part of a powerful and skilled association. The individual ‘Volksbanks’ and ‘Raiffeisenbanks’, together with high performance specialist companies, form the ‘Genossenschaftliche FinanzGruppe Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken’ cooperative group of banks. This structure has proven itself to be highly effective and beneficial: "Think global, act local" is our formula for success.

As our customer, you can access all our services under one roof. Each individual institution offers a comprehensive range of services, information and global connections from being part of the cooperative financial group.


For example, the following are all members of the cooperative financial group:


• Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall,

• R+V Versicherung,

• Union Investment,


• TeamBank AG.

Actively benefit from our successful development and high level of financial expertise by becoming a member and customer of the Volksbank Alzey-Worms eG! We look forward to welcoming you!